The only Safe way to use
Smartphones while Driving

Integrating your Smartphone
with your Automobile

Using a smartphone while driving is painfully tedious and distracting – welcome Aura!

Aura is a smart dock with wireless remote that converts any Android-based smartphone into an in-vehicle console. It simplifies the

user interface to allow safer control of the smartphone while driving. With Aura, using the smartphone is as simple as controlling

the radio or CD player in the car. Aura has a minimalist design and is simple to use, yet it has power packed functionality. Use Aura

to snap pictures, shoot videos, call, text, navigate, play music and more by simply a press of a button on the remote. Aura re-

imagines the driving experience by making it safe, easy and simple to use the key features of your smartphone in a convenient

and intuitive manner.


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This is a great idea, you should ship it as soon as possible. My son will love this device

Toshiyuki Shiga

COO of Nissan

Finally people can BYOD (Bring your own device) to the car

Celso Guiotoko

Managing Director Renault-Nissan BV

I would love to connect my phone to my Tesla with this

Vivek Wadhwa

Vice President Singularity University